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When configuring a trading computer in 2023, we are faced with a decision between two processor options: Intel or AMD. This choice encompasses not only the processor but also impacts the selection of motherboard and… [Continue reading]

Intel vs AMD Processors in 2023

In this article, we’ll explore some simple tips and advice for increasing your productivity with a modern trading computer setup. We’ll take a brief look at the preferred desk setup, monitor types, screen organization, input… [Continue reading]

Productivity Tips for Trading Computers

There are several actions you can take to enhance the performance and extend the lifespan of your older day trading computer. If you’re not quite ready to invest in a new trading computer, giving your… [Continue reading]

Computer Upgrade Tips

In this article, discover our top choices for computer mice that traders should consider. When you spend a lot of time at your computer, your mouse plays a crucial role in boosting your trading effectiveness.… [Continue reading]

Top mouse products for 2023

These are our top picks for the best computer keyboards traders can buy in 2023. The keyboards in this article will work great for not only traders, but any business professional, gamer or home and… [Continue reading]

Top 8 Trading Computer Keyboard Picks for 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most important things to consider when purchasing a new trading computer. Trading computer technology has witnessed remarkable advancements over the last two decades. We encourage you to… [Continue reading]

10 tips to use when shopping for a new trading computer.

This guide is for DIY computer enthusiasts that have a desktop computer with a processor (CPU) that needs to be replaced. In this guide, we’ll give a specific example of replacing a desktop processor on… [Continue reading]

Replacing a CPU in a desktop computer

Windows 11 and Windows 10 are packed with features that make using multiple monitors better than ever! Most of the tools have a fairly low learning curve, so we strongly encourage traders to become familiar… [Continue reading]

Windows 11 Productivity Tools

If you’ve ever explored PC building, you’re undoubtedly familiar with thermal paste, also known as thermal interface material (TIM). Thermal paste is crucial for the optimal functioning of your CPU. It is essential to understand… [Continue reading]

Applying thermal paste to a CPU

The Nexus+ 2 fan hub operates via a PWM fan connector to the motherboard, which enables it to efficiently control the speed from a fan header to all connected fans. By synchronizing the fan speeds… [Continue reading]

Nexus+ 2 Fan Hub

Monitoring all the hardware components in Windows 11 is vital for identifying resource-intensive processes and effectively managing system resources. It’s important to be able to effectively monitor your CPU, RAM, hard drive, video card, ethernet… [Continue reading]

Windows Task Manager

Snap layouts are a recently introduced feature in Windows 11 that assists users with a convenient tool for window snapping. These layouts can be accessed conveniently by hovering the mouse cursor over a window’s maximize… [Continue reading]

Snap Layouts

Let’s ask a seemingly straightforward and uncomplicated question – what constitutes a trading computer? In the past two decades, we’ve been posed this question many times from our customers, and understandably so. Is a trading… [Continue reading]

What is a trading computer?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a power outage or brownout during a critical trading session, leaving you unable to monitor the markets? If so, you know how crucial it is to have a… [Continue reading]

UPS Battery Backup

So exactly how many monitors does a trader need? There isn’t one set answer to this question. It’s all about personal preference and other factors. There are two questions to ask yourself here. The first… [Continue reading]

How many monitors do traders need for stock trading?

The introduction of DDR5 RAM for trading computers represents a significant leap in memory technology, promising to offer improved performance, increased capacity, and enhanced efficiency. This translates to a massive increase in memory capacity, with… [Continue reading]


There are new and exciting technologies for trading computers in 2023. Simply purchasing a computer with the latest and fastest processor is not the only consideration. You must maximize every aspect of the current technology.… [Continue reading]

New trading computer technology for 2023.

You’re paying an ISP (internet service provider) for an internet connection rated at a certain speed. There are endless tests available to determine your connection speed. It’s important to know that you’re getting the speed… [Continue reading]

Test your internet speed for trading

A computer motherboard is the large, printed circuit board in a computer and occupies a significant amount of space within the chassis. While the processor serves as the “brain” of the computer, responsible for executing… [Continue reading]

What is a computer motherboard?

The chipset refers to a number of chips that provide an interface to relay communications between all of the components on a computer motherboard. Higher end, more expensive chipsets can add more features to a… [Continue reading]

Most customers, when shopping for a new trading computer, are focusing on which processor they need and how much memory (RAM) the system has. There are a lot of components that go into a desktop… [Continue reading]

The best Intel Z790 motherboards for trading computers.

For as long as desktop computers have been around, there’s been a spirited and ongoing debate among tech enthusiasts about the merits of leaving them running continuously versus shutting them down after each workday. There… [Continue reading]

Should I keep my trading computer powered on all the time or shut it off.

Proper upkeep and maintenance are important aspects of owning a computer. We’re going to cover what’s involved with setup and maintenance of your trading computer which includes cleaning, dust removal & keeping Windows up to… [Continue reading]

6 Tips for Maintaning Your Trading Computer

The video card, also known as a GPU or graphics card, is responsible for the video output that gets displayed on your monitors. Having a graphics card that is capable of handling the demands of… [Continue reading]

Best Graphics Card for a Trading Computer

Our 12 monitor trading computers are custom engineered to provide the best performance and multiple monitor support. We’ve custom engineered one specific Intel trading computer model for our 12 monitor system. We’re very transparent with… [Continue reading]

Trader 12X Extreme 12 Monitor Trading Computer

Traders need multiple screens to accommodate all the charts, trading software, email, web browsers and other information. Having information available at a glance is much better than having to click through dozens of tabs to… [Continue reading]

Set up multiple monitors on Windows

A silent trading computer creates a more relaxed and peaceful trading environment. Computers don’t have to be loud! Keeping your office quiet can help you stay focused. At Blue Aura Computers we focus hard on… [Continue reading]

The next step after buying a new trading computer is getting an array of monitors that will work seamlessly with your new system. Monitor models, brands, technologies and the best input types change frequently so… [Continue reading]

So what exactly is RAM? Random Access Memory (RAM) is an extremely important component inside your computer that determines the overall performance. The data on a hard drive (HDD, SSD) is permanent and stays on… [Continue reading]

For 2023 Intel’s flagship processors are the 13900K and 13900KS. They are both very close in overall performance, the 13900KS is essentially a 13900K that is clocked a bit higher. KS processors are marketed by… [Continue reading]

If you’re looking to buy a new trading computer it’s important to learn as much as possible about what makes a great system. The computer you buy could easily last a decade or longer and… [Continue reading]

Removing the excessive heat produced by CPU intensive tasks such as day trading is critical to the operation of your computer. Modern AIO liquid coolers do an excellent job at maintaining an appropriate temperature for… [Continue reading]

Which SSD drive is best for a new trading computer? There are a vast number of choices when it comes to selecting a hard drive your operating system will reside on. At Blue Aura Computers,… [Continue reading]

Blue Aura Computers is excited to now offer the new 10th Gen Intel Core i7 10700K processors in our trading computers. The i7-10700K is an 8-core, 16-thread processor, similar to our previous generation Core i9-9900K… [Continue reading]

In the guide, we’ll walk you through step by step to help you pick out the best components that go in a trading computer. Computer technology changes rapidly, if you are reading another article written… [Continue reading]

There are so many connection types it can get very confusing quickly, don’t worry we feel your pain! By the end of this article we hope to shed some light on all the confusion. Since… [Continue reading]

The power supply is probably the most critical component in your new trading computer. A quality built power supply will be quiet, cool, and have very stable voltages. Lower cost power supplies tend to have… [Continue reading]

Everyday I get phone calls from traders asking very similar questions over and over. I’ve come to realize it isn’t easy to keep up with technology if you aren’t focused on it 100% of the… [Continue reading]

Our packaging methods are far superior than that of our competition, in fact we do not know of any company that packages their products in quite the same manner as we do. All systems are… [Continue reading]