Blue Aura Computers Builds Powerful Reliable & Custom Computers

Why You Should Own a Blue Aura Trading Computer

Thinking about the price of a new computer when compared with the price of what a few bad trades could cost, a fast, reliable dedicated trading computer is really a necessity. We offer much better components in our systems than our competitors. If you survey our competitor websites that sell trading computers you'll find a lot of cheap, substandard parts offered in systems marketed as high end. We only sell the most reliable & compatible brands of parts.

When traders are shopping for a new computer they tend to only compare 3 things - processor model, hard drive size and the amount of memory (ram) in the system. For a high performance trading computer, customers should also be looking at the number of monitors the system supports and a number of other factors. There is much more to buying a custom built trading computer then just looking at these 3 factors, you must also look at the motherboard features, memory speed and latency (not just the amount) as well as the power supply and expansion capabilities of the system. Our computers offer much more scalability and upgradeability than store bought mass-produced computers. Adding more ram, video cards, monitors or hard drives is not a problem!

What Components Are You Really Getting?

We know most customers are shopping around and trying to find the best company to fit their needs. You've probably narrowed it down to your top 2 or 3 companies, this is our chance to convince potential customers why we are a cut above the rest. Many of the companies that sell custom trading computers don't let you know the exact brand and model of the components they're using. It's very easy for a company to make a little extra money by using slightly cheaper components. If a company doesn't list the brand or model of motherboard then which board will they pick? Most likely they will build you a system with the lower cost board! We take great pride in listing the brand and model of ALL our components, we recommend staying away from companies that conceal their components.

The components used in a trading computer are the building blocks of what that system will become. We'll outline some of the exciting new components we are using in our premium trading computers.

Professional Trading Computers

Observing modern advertising it becomes clear that most companies that sell trading computers, or custom computers in general, emphasize looks and how well their systems pop in an advertising photo. While the pretty multi-colored lights can look fantastic, we focus on function first. We absolutely love a great computer light show, but the majority of our customers are professional business users and with nearly 2 decades of building expertise under our belts we can say without a doubt that our customers prefer a professionally built system over one that on emphasizes looks. We prioritize overall system performance and low noise levels with quality case fans and noise reduction materials.

Advanced Modern Motherboard Technology

ASUS is the world's largest motherboard manufacturer, they've been around for decades offering premium motherboards for system builders like us. Their engineers employ exacting standards to guarantee quality throughout the product's life, choosing the finest components for real-world protection.

ASUS motherboards are proven to be compatible with the widest range of components and strict testing to ensure the most stable system possible. ASUS Prime series is engineered expertly to unleash the full potential of Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors. Boasting a robust power design and advanced features, Prime series motherboards are a proven choice for premium trading computers.

Clean Operating System Installation

Large PC manufacturers still continue to sell their computers loaded with unwanted software. It's a big cash grab for the manufacturer, but at best an annoyance to the customer, and at worst can make what would have been a great computer into an unusable mess. We guarantee 100% clean installation, only the operating system and updates are installed... no additional junk software is installed. The last thing you want to see when you turn on your new computer is a bunch of junk software or product advertisements. We do install all the latest software patches, hardware drivers and operating system updates to ensure your computer is secure and up to date.

Windows 11 is the newest operating sytem from Microsoft. As of 2023 we are now only offering Windows 11 on our computers. If you really need Windows 10 please contact us and we can still make that happen but we are doing that on a case by case basis if a customer has a specific need for Windows 10. Remember Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 by late 2025.

Engineered for Silence

Low Noise (DBA) & Cool Thermal Performance. Noctua fans take a good computer to great by enhancing the cooling and lowering the temps with better airflow. There are many fans out there that can push a lot of air, but few to none can push high levels of air while maintaining a reasonable noise level. At 100% speed with a very high RPM fan you will of course hear the noise of air movement, but with Noctua you won't hear the clicks, buzz's and rattles like with most cheap fans. Noctua has a reputation for being a premium builder of case fans and air CPU coolers.

In addition to the fans, we use cases that are more optimized for silence. Fractal Design cases we use have sound dampening materials on the inside of the front, top and side panels to make a nearly silent system. Combine all that with their fan controller and you'll have the best engineered system for quiet operation and outstanding thermal performance. The fan controller allows us to set the fan profile so that the fans will only ramp up to 100% speed under the most demanding usage. With light to moderate usage the fan RPM levels will be kept to a slower speed to keep the system quiet.