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What are our customers saying?

The core focus at Blue Aura Computers is to engineer the highest quality custom trading computers possible. We have received so much great feedback over the years from our customers, please keep it coming! If you want us to add your review to this page, send us an email. We have been in business for nearly two decades and have delivered custom multi-monitor systems to customers all over the country!

"PC works very well, no issues, works out of the box. I tested it by running several charting programs simultaneously on 6 monitors, 4 x 2K and 2 x 4K monitors. Oanda, cTrader, MT4, MT5, time based charts, tick charts, renko charts, different time frames and settings, candlestick charts, Heiken Ashi charts, all together 40 -50 open chart windows. That was like nothing for this rig, no noticeable slow downs, CPU spikes up to 15-25% sometimes, thats all. It's so quiet I hardly can hear it at night. I'm extremely happy with this PC."


Sarasota, FL

"I'm a day trader and a retired Radiologist. Blue Aura built for me a machine with the best components available. I have had this great machine for almost 2 years with perfect performance. Craig helped me a lot and recommended SPECIFIC components for my system. I have utilized other so called "custom" PC builders but NO ONE has been this good. I recommend these folks 100%."

*Update - "It's been over 2 years. I want to thank you guys once more for a PC that has run flawlessly for all this time. NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM !! How do you stay in business ? Why do I need a new PC !? :)"

John Meyer MD

Atlanta, GA

"I just wanted to touch base to say how much I'm loving this machine. Now I can have a full task bar, and that's a heavy load with what's in there, and ups worldship will open in 3 seconds, and surf speed is so much faster I'm just kicking myself for not doing this sooner. This has made my life so much easier by making me so much more efficient. Same full task bar and it paints an ebay page in a second. I was not happy with Comcast at all, until now. They've been giving me the juice, I just couldn't do anything with it until I got this machine! I can't imagine needing anything faster, but no doubt in a year I'll be complaining about the 3 seconds ups takes to open, so I may see you a couple years sooner than I'd normally milk out of a machine, if it's going to give me results like this. But for now, this thing just smokes!"

Rich Harris

New Jersey

"Hey Craig and the guys at Blue Aura Computers. Thank you for all of your great work. My PC is a work of art, I appreciated the great component choices you provided. The machine is working perfectly! Happy Holidays."

John M, MD.


"I wanted to drop by to thank you for the fantastic work you did for me. My new Trader 9000 is fantastic! I will tell anyone who is interested in a serious trading machine to come to you. Thanks again, great job guys!"


Minneapolis, MN

"I just wanted to tell you that the computer got here fine and I am very happy with your recommendations and with the quality of the build. Thanks for your help, I think that your computers offer a good value for traders, much better from the standpoint of both equipment and price than the choices from the mainstream manufacturers. I have probably bought a couple of hundred Dells in my life and am glad to find an alternative like Blue Aura. Best Regards!"


Homeland, California

"The computer I purchased arrived Monday, it's working great! I hooked up my 4 monitors and was off and running this morning. The computer is very fast on the web. I was able to open as many stock charts as I wanted. I was able to make trades online with fast efficiency. I am thrilled to death with the pc Blue Aura built for me. Thanks again Craig for the great products and service!"

Mark Ciolino


"I am a Professional Daytrader and having a fast, reliable PC is of the utmost importance to me. Through an e-mail and phone consultation, I was able to have a system custom designed for my needs... with the ability to easily upgrade it in the future whenever I need to. I have been using it already and it is lightning fast and can accommodate a multitude of charting applications with ease. I am extremely happy and I believe if I were to have configured a similar system from a vendor like HP, it would have been far pricier. I highly reccomend Blue Aura Computers."

Lance Stranahan


"Craig helped me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY in purchasing my Trader-8000: both in determining what would be the best choice of components for my budget, and building it CHEAPER than my neighborhood computer store promised it could! I am a police officer, located in California; yet, I want to get more serious as a day-trader. Craig had this system delivered as promised! Craig is trustworthy and I recommend his service to anyone who wants quality at a GREAT price."

Daryl Chilimidos


"My name is Ron and I am a money manager/ trader. As well I design software models which drive my investment/trading decisions. I have been working with Blue Aura Computers for the last three years. My computing demands are intensive as I use multiple monitors, which are graphically intensive, as well as software which processes enormous amounts of information through the trading day. My computers must be extremely reliable and well built. As well, I found Blue Aura Computers prices to be the best value around. Also, the owner of Blue Aura Computers, Craig has been extremely helpful over the years helping me design the computers which would best suit me and my traders. The customer service has been the best. I would encourage buyers to let go of the feeling you need to buy from a large distributor unless you like to pay more and be treated less well than Blue Aura treats its customers."

Ron F.


"Five Stars! Two thumbs up! Craig's PC's rock!!! I bought my first system from him in 07'. His attention to detail and quality is second to none. I would never let anyone else build me a system. He is always there for help after the sale, and he sticks by his product. And - he will build you exactly what you want! The quality, customer service, and price put's this place above all others. You just can't find that combination very easily these days. I would recommend these systems to anyone and everyone!"

Monty L.

Houston, Texas

"After 12 years and 3 corporate manufactured PCs I was very frustrated with constant upgrades, poorly built machines and under-performance. Day trading and gaming require a processor fast enough to run numerous applications when multi-tasking 4+ monitors. Real-time JAVA based stock charts, streaming radio, news and video requires a POWERFUL customized PC configuration that mass producers can't offer. The computer Blue Aura built for me is just amazing!"

Stephen H., M.S.W.


"For the last 22 years I have traded the capital markets. During the last nine years I have coded my trading methodologies, building a software driven timing platform which is used to generate my trading ideas, the timing and price to initiate these trades, and to provide mechanical risk parameters. The software generates information across all time frames of interest, from the very long term down to the nano level. Two years ago a medium sized fundamentally based (400 million AUM) contracted with me, to provide them market timing, portfolio management advice, and risk management. Since contracted, the fund has grown to 700 million AUM, and will likely have 1 billion under management by year end 2012."

"The software model, written in C++ is extremely complex and takes significant computing power in order to digest the large quantity of data ingested on a second over second basis. As well, the software is graphically intensive. The software follows 700 tickers, all the forex markets, commodity markets, futures markets, and all the world's main stock indices; it follows these markets on 36 time frames, then creates complex charts within Tradestation and displays them on my multiple monitor displays. In short, my computers need to be extremely fast, reliable and graphically responsive."

"Since I first interviewed Blue Aura Computers five years ago, this company has been my new primary computer supplier. In the beginning of my relationship they spent a great deal of time on the phone with me helping me to configure a box which would meet my needs. It became evident that this company was an honest with extremely knowledgeable people. These conversations sold me on Blue Aura Computers as did their prices. Quick story: Regarding my first box from Blue Aura, a significant portion of the total costs of the computer was spent on the multi monitor graphic cards needed to drive my displays; they were the only option years ago with Windows XP. When I asked Blue Aura to build another computer for me three years later, they said, "you don't need those expensive video cards anymore, we have newer less expensive cards that work much better with Windows 7" The new cards were less than a tenth of the cost of the old. They had to convince me to not spend the dough on the expensive cards and had to be really firm. That interaction sticks with me and confirms my first impressions of Blue Aura Computers. I think, and believe me I looked hard prior to pulling the trigger with Blue Aura Computers, that their computer pricing is the best out there. I also appreciated the fact that they used parts which were not only of the highest quality, but also chosen because they configure well together."

"When you receive your first box from Blue Aura Computers, it will be absolutely clear, the skill, precision and attention to detail they provide to you. You won't receive a more safely packaged computer, nor a better constructed, or visually elegant computer from any other company. As well, Blue Aura Computers strives to build a quiet machine, and that aspect, which is vital to me, is delivered in spades."

"In closing, the note I have written was done in recognition of my appreciation and support of a great company, building a great product, at an unmatched price, here in the U.S. I hope this note will help you overcome the reticence you might have in ordering a product on the internet which is not as well known as some of the big box makers. You will be happy you did."

Rick Y.