Trading Computer Bundles

We are currently in the process of reconfiguring our trading computer bundles page.

Going forward we will only be offering our custom built desktop trading computers on our site. We will be offering all peripherals through links back to Amazon. This includes monitors, stands, keyboards, mice, etc... Check out our recommended peripherals page here.

Why have we made this change? It's difficult to keep in stock such a large number of peripherals, including monitors, stands and everything else that goes along with a full setup. We understand customers often want to make one single purchase, but this new approach actually ends up saving you money as we don't have to mark up the products to account for transaction fees and shipping. With Amazon we can simply list all the products we feel will work best with our desktop trading computers. This frees up our time and energy to do what we do best - to provide our customers with the BEST trading computers possible!

Let's face it, everyone in the U.S. uses Amazon extensively at this point. In the coming months, we'll list our recommended trading computer systems that we offer, and alongside them we'll list the specific peripherals via Amazon links.

Blue Aura Trading Computer