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We're here to help! For technical questions or RMA requests please contact us. All systems we sell come with a 1 year warranty that covers the entire computer system.

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Driver Download

Motherboard & Video Card drivers for our products can be found below. If you don't see your hardware listed here please visit the product manufacturers website and download the latest drivers.

Product Manufacturer Links

*** Please note - Over the last couple of years a nice change in motherboard technology has taken place. In addition to 2.5G or 10G Ethernet ports, the majority of motherboards we offer now come with high speed wireless WiFi 6 or 6E and Bluetooth. We include this in the product description, it will show the networking capabilities when you add the system to the shopping cart. If for some reason the motherboard doesn't come with WiFi we also sell wireless adapters on the configuration page for any of our systems. If the system you've configured does not include wireless and you don't select a wireless card you will only be able to connect online via the Ethernet (LAN) port, this will be a wired connection.

Microsoft Windows Installation

Your new computer will have Windows 11 installed and ready to use, all the drivers have been installed and Windows has been updated. If for some reason in the future you need to re-install the operating system that can easily be accomplished. Usually you shouldn't ever need to do a fresh install, but sometimes customers install a new hard drive and need to get up and running again. We include the OEM Windows 11 DVD that comes with product key license. If at any time in the future a customer needs to re-install Windows onto their machine we don't recommend using the DVD. We advise to download the newest disc image of Windows 11 to use for installation. Microsoft has a "Media Creation Tool" that can be downloaded. You will need a 4GB or larger USB thumb drive. When you run the media creation tool the thumb drive will be converted into a Windows 11 installation media that can be used to re-install Windows. Micrsoft provides this for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 for free. To re-install Windows then have the thumb drive plugged into any USB port and you'll have to set that thumb drive as the default boot drive in the bios. Reach out to us if you ever need to do a fresh install and have any questions.

On the downloads page make sure to click the download to Create Windows 11 Installation Media.

Download the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool Here