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Custom Computer Packaging With InstaPak Foam and Static Shielding

Our packaging methods are far superior than that of our competition, in fact we do not know of any company that packages their products in quite the same manner as we do. All systems are double boxed & electrostatically packaged to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from damaging the system during shipment. An electrostatic discharge (ESD) is an electric current driven by an excess electric charge stored on an insulating object. The term is usually used in the electronics and other industries to describe momentary unwanted currents that cause damage to electronic equipment.

ESD is a serious issue in electronics, because integrated circuits are made from semiconductor materials such as silicon and insulating materials such as silicon dioxide, which can break down if exposed to high voltages. Your system will arrive fully wrapped in high quality static shielding as shown – this will prevent any ESD issues during shipment.

Electrostatic Packaging

InstaPak Foam

We also use Instapak expanding foam “inside” the system to prevent heavy heatsinks and video cards from moving during transit. This is a custom fit foam solution for protecting the heavier components inside your computer system. The reason we originally started using InstaPak foam was back in 2010 when we were using a particularly heavy heatsink (not the one we are currently using). This heatsink had a tendency to bend the heat pipes during shipping due to the top heavy nature of it. We knew we needed a great solution to stop these types of problems. The InstaPak foam not only stops the movement of the heatsink during shipping, but also locks the video card in place so it can’t damage the slot on the motherboard it is connected to. This typically isn’t a problem, only with the very large gaming cards. Our InstaPak foam solves all of these issues. It’s an awesome product!

InstaPak Foam Shipping Protection