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Product Warranty

Product Warranty Coverage

Blue Aura Computers protects all of our computers against defects in workmanship or materials during the duration of the warranty period. The standard warranty duration for a computer system purchased on our website is one year on all parts. Blue Aura Computers does not warranty processor or motherboard damage due to overclocking or modification of the system BIOS that results in physical damage to the CPU. Blue Aura Computers does not provide warranty coverage for any components in the the computer system that are physically damaged as a result of improperly handling. Physical damage includes, but is not limited to - physically damaged ports on the motherboard or video cards, broken plastics, broken or bent metal including on the system case. Physical damage is not covered on video card ports that have cracked or broken plastics or bent pins.

Ordering Restrictions & International Policies

We do not sell to customers outside of the United States, this includes Canada. We do not sell system to Alaska or Hawaii at this time. We only ship systems to adresses inside the lower 48 states. Customers that transpor their computer systems or other components outside of the United States will void their hardware warranty. You will be entirely responsible for all warranty repairs outside of the United States.

Computer Systems Coverage

Blue Aura Computers has a fast and efficient computer repair process. All returns for repair or refund must be pre-approved by Blue Aura Computers and the customer must have a valid RMA number issued by us. All RMA numbers must be written on two or more sides of the outside of the shipping packaging. Our warranty service covers computers purchased by customers in the United States only. Product warranty & tech support service covers only those products purchased from and installed by Blue Aura Computers. Our technicians will provide hardware support to resolve issues that may arise. Neither telephone technical support nor warranty includes software training or support. Warranty and tech support is not intended to cover parts, software or other upgrades not installed by Blue Aura Computers or purchased from Blue Aura Computers.

Blue Aura Computers warrants to the original purchaser that any part of the hardware system, excluding software, documentation and similar items, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for 1 year. During the warranty period, Blue Aura Computers will repair or replace (at its sole discretion) components deemed to be defective free of charge for labor and/or parts within the warranty period duration. Depending on our current inventory parts may not be the same but will be equivalent parts. Blue Aura Computers will not be held responsible for shipping costs after 30 days of ownership, the customer will be responsible for the costs of shipping the item to us and Blue Aura Computers will be responsible for the costs of shipping the item back. Any additional purchases, upgrades or repairs under warranty will not extend the duration of this warranty. Excluded from this warranty is any damage caused during shipment and any damage caused by: impacts, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster; unauthorized modifications, attachments or peripherals, improper use, environment, installation or electrical supply; improper maintenance; any other misuse, abuse, or mishandling. Defective components will be replaced directly from Blue Aura Computers inventory for the 1st year of the warranty duration. Items & accessories such as: Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Speakers & UPS Power Backups are covered by the manufacturer's warranty & are serviced through their respected manufacturers only.

The computer must be shipped back in a similar manner to which it was received, please read the "Packaging Guidelines" section below for more information. Customers will not be charged for any repairs during the warranty period for approved RMAs. We require the entire computer to be shipped back to us for warranty repair. Due to the complex nature of some hardware problems, some problems cannot be diagnosed by telephone and we will require the product be returned to the Blue Aura Computers repair facility for further diagnosis and repairs. Under NO circumstance will Blue Aura Computers dispatch a field technician for on-site diagnosis or repairs.

Free Tech Support and Labor

For as long as the original purchaser owns the computer, we will not charge for tech support via phone or email through our contact form (on the contact page). As long as the original purchaser owns the computer, we will not charge for labor on repairs outside of warranty. Outside of warranty the customer will be responsible for all return shipping fees (both ways) and the cost of the parts needed to complete the repair. Free tech support and labor is only valid while Blue Aura Computers LLC remains in business.

Packaging Guidelines

Blue Aura Computers uses double-boxing and electrostatic packaging to prevent any shipping damage. Products returned to us for repair or refund must be packaged in a similar manner that the customer originally received them. Blue Aura Computers is not responsible for damage that occurs when a customer returns a system, we strongly recommend that you insure the shipment through the shipping company for the value of the original purchase price. All shipments must have an RMA number clearly written on the outside of the shipping box, if there is not an RMA number on the box we will refuse the shipment. Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty service, please send with a copy of the original order receipt. We can't stress enough the importance of proper packaging. The majority of shipping damage occurs when a customer improperly packages their product for shipment. We recommend that you save ALL boxes that originally came with your order, it is preferable that you ship us back the product in the exact same manner originally you received it. Computer systems sent to us for repair must include the "accessories" box that came with your system. This box must include all the original contents such as manuals, operating system discs, cables, driver discs, adapters, etc.

Order Processing & Acceptance

Blue Aura Computers has very fast order processing, we immediately begin processing an order as soon as the payment has been received and cleared. We will make every effort possible to get your order shipped out in a timely manner. The majority of our orders ship out within 2 weeks after payment has cleared and the order has been approved. If there are any unexpected delays in the processing of your order we will call or email you to explain the why there is a delay. Blue Aura Computers reserves the right to cancel an order or refuse an order at any time for any reason. A lot of time, testing and labor go into a custom built computer system and we begin processing each order as soon as they are placed, so if you need to modify or change an order that has recently been placed please do so promptly.

Payment Processing

Blue Aura Computers currently utilizes PayPal Checkout to process credit/debit card payments & bank transfers. Blue Aura Computers does not collect payment details such as credit card numbers or bank account information. An employee of Blue Aura Computers will never ask for any financial information under any circumstance (we ask that you please refrain from emailing or communicating by other means credit card information or bank account information.) PayPal Checkout does not share payment details such as credit card numbers or bank account information with us. Blue Aura Computers is only responsible for information collected from our website, please read our privacy policy for more information. Unauthorized use of your credit card or bank account information must be reported to PayPal Checkout respectively. We also accept personal checks and certified bank cashiers checks. In order to prevent fraud, personal checks and certified bank cashiers checks will be held 10 business days before your order is shipped. We do not accept Money Orders, Western Union or Money Gram.


PayPal Checkout provides us with buyer verification pertaining to each order. To prevent order cancellations or delays, we strongly recommend that your "billing address" and "shipping address" match. If the address you want your order "shipped to" differs from the billing address you provided to PayPal or your order may not be processed. Blue Aura Computers reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. Order cancellations will typically only occur if PayPal Checkout flags an order as potentially unsafe. We require that the shipping address provided to us by PayPal be "Confirmed". If you need your order to be shipped to an address different from your billing address you must contact your credit card company to add an authorized alternate address, this must be done prior to placing an order through Blue Aura Computers.

Order Changes

After an order has been placed, there is a $40 order change fee that will be charged for any order already in process. Within 30 days of your order being placed (the order date on the invoice) you have the option to cancel and return your order with the approval of Blue Aura Computer. All cancelled and returned orders will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee (15% of the order total not including tax or shipping). If you have already received your order, all items must be returned in as new condition, undamaged and in the original product packaging.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a product through Blue Aura Computers the customer agrees to all the terms & conditions in this document. The terms & conditions in this document are only applicable to products purchased through this website ( The terms & conditions in this document are not applicable to Blue Aura Computers products purchased through eBay or any method other than directly through our website

Transfer of Warranty

Warranty coverage is only valid and applicable to the original purchaser or the product. The terms & conditions stated in this document are non-transferable without prior consent from Blue Aura Computers. Without prior consent from Blue Aura Computers warranty coverage on a product purchased through Blue Aura Computers is only valid and applicable to the original purchaser of the product.

Limitation of Liability

Blue Aura Computers is not liable for damages or costs resulting from accidents, misuse, disaster or abuse of your computer. Upgrades, repairs, modifications, overclocking, BIOS or firmware updates made to your system by anyone other than Blue Aura Computers will void your warranty unless otherwise approved. Blue Aura Computers is not liable or responsible for any financial losses (including lost profits or income, lost time or labor, or lost data), other losses or damage to any type of hardware/equipment, records, or data incurred from the use of or failure of any of our products. Blue Aura Computers is not liable or responsible for any claims against you for damages from a third party incurred from the use of or failure of any of our products. Blue Aura Computers is not liable or responsible for any type of personal injury incurred from the use of or failure of any of our products. If the customer sends a computer system back for repair services, Blue Aura Computers is not obligated to provide a replacement or loaner computer during the repair process.


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