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Explore our wide range of trading computers. Equipped with the latest and greatest components, our builds are the epitome of modern engineering. These advanced machines operate silently and smoothly, thanks to Fractal Design cases and whisper-quiet fans. Plus, with top-of-the-line features like DDR5 RAM, PCIe 4.0, and integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6, our newest models offer unparalleled performance and connectivity. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a novice investor, our complete selection of trading computers has everything you need to give you the edge you need. Experience the future of computing with our cutting-edge range of trading computer models.

The highest level of quality workmanship and passion are infused into every trading system we build. Our competition can't touch us. Our multi monitor desktop computers are specifically designed to handle the massive amounts of market data contiuously streaming into your computer during heavy trading periods. Plug-N-Trade Ready! Our systems are ready to go right out of the box! Windows is installed & ready to use. 100% clean installation, no junk or trial software is installed. All of the models listed can be customized to precisely fit your needs.

TRADER 8000 ELITE - Starting From $1,768

Our most affordable trading computer, packed with powerful technology. Choose from a lower cost DDR4 RAM/Motherboard or the newest DDR5 for the fastest performance. To save traders some money, we have both 12th Gen and 13th Gen Intel processors to choose from.

TRADER 8000 EXTREME - Starting From $2,429

One of our best selling trading computers is the Trader 8000 Elite. This system is based on the new Intel Z790 DDR5 platform. This system is perfect for traders that want a very affordable trading computer with all the newest technology.

TRADER 9000 ELITE - Starting From $3,133

The Trader 9000 Elite is our 2nd most powerful trading computer we offer. If you look at the specs, it's nearly the same as the more expensive 9000 Extreme model, but we've kept it a bit more affordable with a few minor component changes.

TRADER 9000 EXTREME - Starting From $3,514

This is the most powerful trading computer we sell. Configured with a Core i9 13900K processor, cooled with a 360MM AIO liquid cooler to keep temps as low as possible. We install an ASUS ProArt Z790-Creator motherboard with additional extra features like 10G LAN and WIFI 6E.

TRADER 12X EXTREME - Starting From $2,971

The Trader 8000 and 9000 systems can be configured with up to 8 monitors by selecting the appropriate video card option. We've created a special model that can handle up to 12X screens at resolutions as high as 4K on all 12 monitors. If you need the most powerful 12 monitor trading computer available today, you've found it!

Computer Case

Full System Customization - Click Here

The Trader 8000 Elite full system customization form will give you access to select & change many additional components.

Configured Price: $1,768

Computer Case

Full System Customization - Click Here

The Trader 8000 Extreme full system customization form will give you access to select & change many additional components.

Configured Price: $2,429

Computer Case

Full System Customization - Click Here

The Trader 9000 Elite full system customization form will give you access to select & change many additional components.

Configured Price: $3,133

Computer Case

Full System Customization - Click Here

The Trader 9000 Extreme full system customization form will give you access to select & change many additional components.

Configured Price: $3,514

Computer Case

Full System Customization - Click Here

The Trader 12X Extreme full system customization form will give you access to select & change many additional components.

Configured Price: $2,971

Clean Interior

Meshify 2 Cable Management

Cable Management

The Define 7 comes with advanced cable management. Integrated cable guides with velcro ties simplifies cable management behind the motherboard.

(These features are included with our Fractal Design Define 7 case).

Intelligent Cooling

Nexus+ 2 Fan Hub

Nexus+ 2 Fan Hub

Ultra slim Nexus+ 2 fan hub connects up to three 4-pin PWM fans and six 3-pin fans. We connect one PWM hub fan to the top exhaust fan, the remaining fans are connected to the hub and motherboard. The system quietly ramps up fan speed based on CPU temps to keep your trading computer running cool and silent. Say goodbye to loud case fans!

(These features are included with our Fractal Design Define 7 case).

Feature Rich

USB Type-C Interface

Type-C Interface

Five front USB ports and many additional USB ports on the back side of the computer. Includes one front USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port with fast charging and speeds up to 10GBps. In addition, the front panel includes a microphone and front headphone jack.

(These features are included with our Fractal Design Define 7 case).

Fractal Design USB Type-C

What Our Customers Are Saying

"PC works very well, no issues, works out of the box. I tested it by running several charting programs simultaneously on 6 monitors, 4 x 2K and 2 x 4K monitors. Oanda, cTrader, MT4, MT5, time based charts, tick charts, renko charts, different time frames and settings, candlestick charts, Heiken Ashi charts, all together 40 -50 open chart windows. That was like nothing for this rig, no noticeable slow downs, CPU spikes up to 15-25% sometimes, thats all. It's so quiet I hardly can hear it at night. I'm extremely happy with this PC."

DT from Sarasota, FL

Let Us Design a System To Perfectly Meet Your Needs

It's important for traders to have a computer that can support more than one monitor. Traders often use between three and eight monitors. Working in the financial market can be extremely stressful and complicated. Having a computer for trading that will work seamlessly will make your job much easier and keep your transactions accurate. With a huge amount of data that needs to be processed, you need a computer that can stand up to the job!

The majority of Intel and AMD trading computer models we sell are configured by default for either 3 or 4 monitor support, but can be customized to support up to 8 screens. We also sell specific models that support up to 12 monitors.

The Fastest & Most Dependable Trading Computer You'll Ever Own

We build a superior product with the lowest prices and best components. Serious traders come to us when they need a powerful computer for trading. A trading computer is a essentially a high end computer designed to process large amounts of data and display the data on multiple screens. Trading computers have processors that are able to support the flow of data that is necessary for day trading and investing. When market activity is moving at it's fastest, you need to make sure the computer you're using is able to keep up so you don't miss out on important investments.


We build hundreds of computers every year for traders, we know how to do it right!

Our products are professionally built by experts that have a passion for designing computers to display information on multiple monitors with unrivaled speed. Multiple monitor computers that are built to dominate!

Fractal Design cases - we only use the best chassis to house your new system. Fan controller for optimal cooling performance. Multiple options including full solid panel with no lights, windowed panel and Mesify 2 with full LED lighting. Sound dampening foam with the Fractal Design Define 7.

The best components for long term reliability.

100% clean Windows installation - no unwanted software.

Premium quality components - we only use the best parts that will last long term.

Superb craftsmanship - low noise (nearly silent), great airflow and outstanding performance.

Fractal Design Cases


Quad Monitor Support

The NVIDIA T600 delivers even more performance than the T400.

Monitor support gets bumped up from 3 to 4 DisplayPorts.

640 CUDA Cores. 4GB of fast GDDR6 memory. Peak FP32 Performance of 1.709 TFLOPS.

With support for DisplayPort 1.4, the NVIDIA T600 can drive display resolutions for up to four 5K displays or two 8K displays per card.

With two T600 cards installed up to 8 displays can be used.

NVIDIA Quadro T600 Trading Computer Video Card


Quad Monitor Support

Equipped with advanced NVIDIA Turing architecture providing massive improvements in performance. Compared to previous generation P1000 cards the new T1000 benefits from an almost 50% gain in performance. Ultra fast new GDDR6 memory provides 2x the bandwidth over previous generations of cards.

The T1000 supports DisplayPort 1.4 and can drive resolution for up to four 5k displays or two 8k displays per card.

With two T1000 cards installed up to 8 displays can be used.

CUDA Cores: 896

Peak FP32 Performance: 2.50 TFLOPS

GPU Memory: 4 GB GDDR6

Memory Interface: 128-bit

Memory Bandwidth: 160 GB/s

NVIDIA Quadro T1000 Trading Computer Video Card Ports


Powerful Air Cooler

Nearly silent operating with Noctua's award winning fans.

The NH-U12A is the newest, 5th generation of Noctua’s award-winning NH-U12 series of 120mm size premium CPU coolers. Conceived to push the envelope of air cooling performance it comes with a completely redesigned heatsink featuring 7 heatpipes and an increased fin surface area for superior heat dissipation. This way, the NH-U12A can rival the performance of many 140mm size coolers while offering 120mm class case and PCIe compatibility.

Noctua NH-U12A Chromax Black CPU Air Cooling


Premium Micron DDR5 Memory

Don't settle for inferior memory brands. Crucial is a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the entire world. The reliability of your trading computer is important, and that starts with the reliability of your memory.

New DDR5 memory available! Experience blazing fast speeds of up to 4800MHz — 1.5x faster than DDR4. Crucial DDR5 Desktop Memory can power your computer to transfer data up to 50% faster then DDR4, resulting in quicker load times, faster downloads and much less system lag.

Crucial DDR5 Memory


100% Plug-N-Play - Built, Tested & Ready to Trade

Windows 11 is installed, configured, updated and ready to use. Just go through the quick Windows out of box experience setup and you'll quickly be using your new Blue Aura Trading Computer (trading software is not pre-installed).

#1 - Remove the InstaPak shipping foam (should take less than 1 minute).

#2 - Connect your monitors.

#3 - Plug in your keyboard and mouse.

#4 - Plug in your speakers and Ethernet (internet) cable.

#5 - Plug in the power cord then turn on your computer.

#6 - Congratulations - you're now using an awesome new Blue Aura Computer!

Need help connecting your monitors? Read our blog post - Video Card Ports Explained

Trading Computer Rear View

AIO Liquid Cooling

Corsair 240mm or 360mm

We offer the best Corsair AIO (all in one) liquid cooling solutions. These models are built for low noise operation and exceptional cpu cooling with either 240mm or 360mm radiators with 120mm fans. 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs on the pump customizable through the Corsair iCUE software to create stunning lighting effects. Low noise pump design for quiet computing.

240mm Liquid CPU Cooler 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler
Corsair AIO Liquid Cooler Info

Example Trading Computer Setup

Below are a couple images of an example setup from one of our customers.

Trading Computer Image #1
Trading Computer Image #2
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