International Shipping to Canada

Yes! We ship our trading computers to Canada!

We are located in southern Wisconsin, near the Madison/Milwaukee area of the state. Our proximity to Canada makes it easy to provide fast and secure shipping to our neighbors up north!

Ordering Requirements

  • The first thing to note is that we don't provide a standard warranty on shipments to Canada. The shipping costs are too high to be able to provide warranty coverage. We will repair any system within our 1 year warranty period, free of charge, but the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs both ways. If something does happen to your computer, we can provide phone support and generally most issues that come up are easy to identify and fix. We spend a large amount of time testing components, so out of the box problems are rare.
  • The only case we offer for Canadian orders is our Fractal Design Meshify C. We use a certain box size and this case keeps the size and weight where it needs to be to keep shipping costs at a minimum. This is by far our best selling case overall, you won't be disappointed!
  • Orders to Canada will ship out approximately 5 to 10 business days after placing the order. Since we don't provide a product warranty to any of the systems shipped to Canada we test these systems for an additional 3 to 5 days prior to shipping them out.
  • We don't sell monitors, monitor stands, speakers or ups power backups to Canadian customers. The shipping costs end up being too high, we feel it's best that customers source these types of items locally, you'll save money. As long as the monitors you are using have DVI or HDMI ports our computers will work fine.
  • Blue Aura Computers is NOT responsible for international customs and/or duties for Canada. Most customers we've asked have reported back to us that they did have to pay a fee when picking up their order (at time of delivery).
  • We charge a flat $199 shipping charge to all orders shipped to Canada. This covers our standard box size of 22x22x14 weighing approximately 45lbs (weight can vary depending on components selected).

So how do I order?

Ordering is the same as it is for our U.S. customers. Just make sure on the shopping cart screen that you select the appropriate shipping method ($199 Canada shipping). Then proceed to checkout through PayPal. The ship to address must be "confirmed" through PayPal. We will not ship to unconfirmed PayPal addresses.