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Trader 9000-A Extreme

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Amazing Blue Aura Features:

  • The highest quality & most stable ASUS brand motherboards
  • Engineered to be ultra quiet
  • Samsung & Kingston brand solid state hard drives
  • Quiet, cool & stable SeaSonic power supplies
  • Professional wiring for a clean looking system with great airflow
  • Built & supported in the United States!
  • 100 point quality control testing procedure

Configure Your Custom Trading Computer

We'll build your computer exactly the way you need it. If you're looking for something on this configuration form that isn't listed - let us know! We are a full custom computer builder and can build systems to any specifications that our customers require.

Shipping & order processing. We appreciate everyone interested in our products but Blue Aura Computers only ships computers within the United States. In order to provide the best warranty and support possible on our systems we do not sell or ship to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska at this time. Thank you to all of our customers that have supported us for nearly two decades! We will continue to provide the BEST custom built computers possible, if you have any other specific build requests please don't hesitate to contact us. Current order processing is 5 to 10 business days after the order has been placed, this includes all phases from building, testing and packaging. After your order has been completed it's shipped via UPS or FedEx (your choice), transit times can vary but usually are between 2 to 4 business days.

Motherboard: ASUS Prime X570-Pro AMD Motherboard

We offer 2 different motherboard choices. The ASUS ROG Strix X570S is significantly more expensive, but it has the newest AMD chipset and has some additional features. The ROG Strix has wireless WiFi 6E included, plus 2 LAN ports and faster 2.5Gb speeds. For as long as we can remember AMD has always used a small integrated fan to cool their motherboard chipset, these fans often become noisy or fail over time. With the new ROG Strix board we finally have a passively cooled chipset with no fan! This is probably the best feature of the new X570S motherboards. We understand the price is quite a bit higher but we highly recommend going with the ROG Strix board.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12A CPU Cooler

System Memory: 64GB DDR4 RAM

Power Supply: 850 Watt SeaSonic Hybrid Silent Fan Control - Fully Modular

Video Card: 3 Monitor Support - 3x Mini DisplayPorts (NVIDIA T400)


Case: Fractal Design Define 7 - Solid Side Panel (fan hub included)

Hard Drive #1 (Primary): 1TB Samsung 980 Pro PCI-E Gen4 M.2 SSD

Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD Solid State Hard Drive
We only use solid state hard drives for the primary boot drive. An SSD improves your computer's performance - they are faster, more stable and more reliable than a traditional mechanical hard drive. We have used SSDs from every major manufacturer and can say decisively that Samsung offers the best products. Samsung SSDs have the LOWEST failure rates in the industry, they are built to last! We now offer the highest performing Samsung drives with the newest Samsung 980 Pro series.
Solid State Hard Drives - M.2 NVMe PCI Express (Fastest Performance)

Hard Drive #2: NONE

Solid State Hard Drives - SATA III
Solid State Hard Drives - M.2 NVMe PCI Express (Fastest Performance)

Sound Card: Integrated 8-Channel High Definition Audio

Optical Drive #1: NONE

Network: Integrated High-Speed LAN (ethernet) Port

We offer 2 different motherboards that have different networking/connectivity features.

The ASUS Prime X570-Pro has an onboard Intel Gigabit (1G) LAN port. This board does not have WiFi included, if you select this board and need a wireless internet connection you'll also have to select the wireless card listed in the next section.

Our ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Motherboard has an onboard 2.5G ethernet LAN port and also onboard WiFi 6 so you don't have to have us install an additional wireless card, it's already included!

Additional Networking: NONE

Case Fans: Standard Fan Package - No LED Lights

Standard Fan Package - We mostly use the default fans that come with the case and sometimes add or replace with an additional fan depending on the case and/or configuration of the system being built.

Noctua Fan Package This option gives us the flexibility to include better quality, higher RPM case fans where needed in the system. We use Noctua fans to replace most or all of the default case fans. We highly recommend choosing this option.

Accessories: Multiple Items Available To Select

UPS Power Backup

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-Bit

Keyboard: NONE

Software (security): Microsoft Security - Included with Windows 10