Multiple Monitor Package

Monitors, Multiple Monitor Desk Stands, Cables & Adapters

Purchase a combination of monitor stands and monitors. If you already have an array of monitors you can purchase just the desk stand, make sure your monitors have 100x100 VESA mounting holes in the back. Mounting the monitors on your new stand is very simple! All the hardware and bolts come with the stand, you won't need to purchase anything else to complete the setup.

There are also cables and adapters listed below. Keep in mind that each monitor we sell will already come with a 6 foot DVI cable, you only need to purchase the DVI cables listed below if you think you'll need longer cables (15 feet). Some of our video card models have a micro hdmi port on them, we ALWAYS ship out a 10 foot micro hdmi cable with those cards (one cable for each micro hdmi port) so you can connect to either a DVI port on the monitor or HDMI. Micro HDMI cables are not listed below because we will already be shipping those to you free of charge.