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5 Ways Windows 11 is Better Than Windows 10 for Trading

Windows 11 vs Windows 10 for Trading

Change is difficult but moving to Windows 11 doesn’t have to be. Both operating systems share a lot of the same user experience. But Windows 11 is more refined and has more secure code. For a new windows trading computer, we believe in using the most current version of Microsoft Windows. As of the date this article was published, Windows 11 is the most current version of Windows. Windows 11 offers a lot of new features and performance benefits over Windows 10.

It’s ok to keep using Windows 10 for now if you really want, but keep in mind that Microsoft is ending support for it in 2025. In this article we’ll give you some simple reasons to consider switching. Technology never stops moving forward, and there are some compelling reasons Windows 11 is the better choice over 10 when buying a new windows trading computer.

Simplified Start Menu

The first thing you’ll notice is the taskbar and start menu are much more refined and simpler. Live tiles are now gone and have been replaced by simple icons. Microsoft isn’t developing live tiles anymore internally, so it looks like the days of Windows 10 live tiles are a thing of the past. They were an interesting concept, but in the end, it looks like Microsoft is abandoning that approach.

The start menu feels really good in Windows 11. When you click on it, it pops up smoothly. The first thing you’ll see is a search bar, then below that are “pinned” apps then “recommended”. The shut-down button is in the bottom right corner as it should be.

By default, taskbar items are centered instead of left justified. This can be changed in the “taskbar settings”. Right click on the taskbar and go to the taskbar settings. Under “Taskbar alignment” there is a drop down for “center” or “left”.

Windows 11 Start Menu

Optimization and Performance Improvements

There are huge improvements in how Windows 11 prioritizes apps and processes. In Windows 11 there are a lot of changes with memory management to give priority to the app you have running in the foreground.

Theses apps get more memory and CPU resources. Imagine a scenario where your current CPU workload is over 90%. Opening a new app will give priority to it and you won’t even notice that the system CPU resources were under that much utilization already. Apps feel snappier and have little to no lag when launching.

Less lag and more utilization of foreground apps helps traders when a lot of charts and programs are running.

Windows 11 is Safer & More Secure

Security is the cornerstone of Windows 11. It’s one of the main reasons why there was such a focus on newer hardware requirements to run it. Windows 11 focused only on 64-bit, there isn’t a 32-bit version like Windows 10 had. The 64-bit architecture uses UEFI based firmware only and benefits from the increased security it provides.

TPM 2.0 is required for Windows 11. TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module. It protects data your PC is using by authenticating it. By making TPM 2.0 required the operating system will be a safer environment from hackers and viruses.

Microsoft also has Windows Security built into Windows 11. This provides a solid foundation for virus & threat protection as well as account, firewall & network protection.

Windows Trading Computers are Safer & More Secure

Improved Multiple Monitor Support

Windows 11 makes using multiple monitors a breeze. Setting up multiple monitors and configuring them in the display settings is very easy.

There are many new features that improve the experience. Connecting and disconnecting a display are handled much better. Before Windows 11, the operating system had a fit when a new display was connected or disconnected. Now it’s all been sorted out and works better. When disconnecting a screen, open windows will automatically minimize instead of being bumped over to the primary screen. If you reconnect the display all the windows will return nicely to their prior positions.

When waking up from sleep mode the monitors wake up with less individual lag on each screen. Everything just feels snappier, fluid and smoother overall. All the small refinements and improvements add up to a much more enjoyable experience.

Windows 11 has New Snap Layouts

Snap layouts is an improved feature for Windows 11. This feature is very useful for traders with multiple monitors and a lot of charts open. To be fair, Windows 10 had similar capabilities but in our opinion, they are improved with Windows 11. Using them is simple. Hover your mouse over a window’s maximize button and a small menu will appear. Alternatively, you can press the Windows Key + Z, then press the corresponding number to use the layouts suggested.

Snap layouts is amazingly intuitive to use. This could very well be the most useful feature on Windows 11 for traders that have a lot of screen real estate and need a quick and easy way to organize charts.

Windows Trading Computer Snap Layouts


There can be a lot of hesitation when deciding to switch to a new operating system. We discuss this every day with our customers and understand the concerns many have. Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10, it’s more secure and has more features. The bottom line is Windows 10 will only be supported until 2025 and after that security issues become a huge concern. Customers buying a new trading computer can feel confident in Windows 11. Multiple monitor support has been improved and new snap layout features have been added.

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