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Stock Traders – Keeping Up With the Newest Computer Technology

Keeping pace with all the newest technology changes doesn’t have to be difficult!

Everyday I get phone calls from traders asking very similar questions over and over. I’ve come to realize it isn’t easy to keep up with technology if you aren’t focused on it 100% of the time like we are at Blue Aura Computers. We try to focus our website on getting you all the information you need to make an informed decision on you computer purchase. But coming to our site for the first time might seem like total information overload.

It’s a fine line between giving our customers the information they need and giving them so much that it seems like a chore to find anything. There is a ton of good information on the site, but it’s understandable people might not want to spend a chunk of their afternoon reading a buyers guide and looking at several different systems trying to determine what might be best. We are always a phone call away at 920-344-5642, I enjoy talking to customers and will spend as much time as you need to make sure you are fully informed.

Some other great resources we’ve came up with:

Trading Computers Buyers Guide – This is a huge source of information, it’s fairly long to read so it might not be for everyone.

Building the Best Stock Trading Computer for 2020 – This is a more condensed version of our buyers guide, this one won’t take long to digest.

Shipping & Order Processing – This is the top question we always get on the phone. How long will it be until my computer ships?

Let us do all the heavy lifting for you, that’s what we’re here for! A lot of thought goes into what components we choose for our custom trading computers.

In the spirit of information overload I’m going to end this article now – short and sweet. Good luck on your quest to purchase an awesome custom built computer!