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Send Us Pics of Your Office! Free Logitech Wireless Mouse or $100 Coupon Code!

By Blue Aura Computers - November 24, 2016

We would love to share some images of our customers office setup with their new Blue Aura Computer. Send us 2 high quality images of your office setup and as a thank you we will send you a free Logitech Wireless Mouse or a coupon code worth up to $100 off your next system from us! Once we’ve collected enough images, we’ll post them on a special page on our website. This will help give new customers a look at how others have set up their office for productivity with an array of multiple monitors.

Just a few requirements…

  • Send us 2 images, taken at different angles.
  • This offer applies only to our customers that purchased a trading computer.
  • Only previous customers are eligible for the free keyboard or coupon code, email your name, address and order# of your most recent order.
  • The images must be high quality – not blurry, grainy, or otherwise unusable to post.
  • We would prefer nobody is in the background of the image, these will be posted on our website (we don’t want to post a picture of someone that hasn’t given us their permission).
  • Nothing inappropriate in the background of the image (use common sense, no trademarked or copyrighted images in the background).
  • When you email the pics, send us a short description of your office setup and why you’ve set it up that way. Any other details you want to share would be great! This description will be shared on the website along with your pics.
  • Your full name and address will not be shared on the site (we will keep things confidential).
  • Coupon code will be $75 off of any Trader 8000 System, or $100 off any Trader 9000 System, let us know which code you want.

Email pics to

Thanks for participating, we’re looking forward to seeing your office pics!