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Useful Google Tools for Traders

Useful Google Tools for Traders

You likely have a huge variety of tasks on your plate. To keep track of everything can feel impossible. Keeping up with all the tasks on your workload can be made much easier with the free productivity tools that Google provides. Traders need any edge they can get to make life easier and more organized. Spending less time organizing and planning frees up your schedule to do more of the things that matter during the busy trading day. Check out all the awesome and useful Google tools in this article.

Google Docs

Online productivity software is important to Google, especially a free online alternative to Microsoft Office. Choose from several great tools such as a word processor, spreadsheet and a presentation application. There are some pros and cons to Google Docs. Free doesn’t always mean better. Microsoft Office has superior tools for online productivity, but you’ll need to pay for an Office 365 subscription. Google Docs allows you to save all your data to the cloud instead of locally on your computer so the documents can be opened from different devices more easily.

You can also share Google Docs and multiple users can edit/change and save the documents. If you’re used to the full featured Microsoft Office software, you might feel a little constrained by the more basic functionality of Google Docs. But free is good and if basic functionality is all you need then Google Docs will work great for most people.


Google Calendar is the most popular tool for scheduling and time management. It streamlines the process to make appointments, plan meetings, organize day to day tasks and your agenda. Google Calendar of course works best when online but can also be set to use offline as well.

Use Google Calendar to schedule your work. Even if you don’t have meetings with others, creating events in google calendar of what your ideal work times are in the day is beneficial to keep you on track. It’s also helpful to use google calendar to schedule events and add others to it that you are meeting with. In Google calendar, you can also schedule tasks that you can check as completed. It’s helpful when the notifications pop up from previously scheduled events or tasks to keep you on track of all that you need to accomplish.

You can easily access Google Calendar here on your web browser, it’s also integrated across all modern smartphones through the Google Calendar app.

Google Keep

What exactly is Google Keep used for? Google Keep is used to take notes, keep lists, etc. Google Keep can be accessed from your phone, computer or tablet. Whenever you think of something that you don’t want to forget, you can just quickly add it.

You can set up different colors for different types of notes. Doing this adds to the ease of organizing all of your lists and notes, because then you don’t need to set up folders like you do with some other tools. Finding something in Google Keep is easy. You can quickly use the search bar at the top of the page to find the note you’re looking for.

Everything you do with Google Keep is synced across all of your devices so the important information is always within reach. Head over to Google Keep in your account and start using this super useful Google tool today!

Google Keep is a useful Google tool for taking notes and keeping lists

Google Timer

Using a timer can increase your productivity by helping you maintain focus to the task at hand. Parkinson’s Law says that work will expand to fill the time allotted for it. Identify the task you need to complete, set a goal of how much time you will focus on it, then set the timer and try to get it done before the timer goes off. It’s almost like a little game you can play throughout the workday, it could be used for even non work related tasks also. Set a quick 10 minute timer to take a break to rest your eyes during the trading day.

Just type in google timer in the search bar of your google chrome browser and you will automatically get a 5-minute timer. You’ll likely need more than 5 minutes for your task at hand, so just reset it to the time you want by clicking on the time and editing. If something pops into your head to distract you, just write it down (or add it to your Google Keep notes) and stay focused on what you are working on.

Google Timer is a very useful tool to help you keep focused and set limits for the tasks your are trying to accomplish.

Gmail Tips

Don’t let email ruin your day and distract you from your work. This is very simple, but it helps! Turn off your email notifications and check them when you have it on your schedule! If an email requires your follow-up and you don’t want to respond to it now, you have two options.

#1 – Add it to your tasks (you’ll get a bar on the right side of your Gmail that the email will go into the tasks bar. #2 – Snooze the email to come back to you when you want it to.


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