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A silent trading computer creates a more relaxed and peaceful trading environment. Computers don’t have to be loud! Keeping your office quiet can help you stay focused. At Blue Aura Computers we focus hard on… [Continue reading]

The next step after buying a new trading computer is getting an array of monitors that will work seamlessly with your new system. Monitor models, brands, technologies and the best input types change frequently so… [Continue reading]

So what exactly is RAM? Random Access Memory (RAM) is an extremely important component inside your computer that determines the overall performance. The data on a hard drive (HDD, SSD) is permanent and stays on… [Continue reading]

For 2023 Intel’s flagship processors are the 13900K and 13900KS. They are both very close in overall performance, the 13900KS is essentially a 13900K that is clocked a bit higher. KS processors are marketed by… [Continue reading]

If you’re looking to buy a new trading computer it’s important to learn as much as possible about what makes a great system. The computer you buy could easily last a decade or longer and… [Continue reading]