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In this article, discover our top choices for computer mice that traders should consider. When you spend a lot of time at your computer, your mouse plays a crucial role in boosting your trading effectiveness.… [Continue reading]

Top mouse products for 2023

These are our top picks for the best computer keyboards traders can buy in 2023. The keyboards in this article will work great for not only traders, but any business professional, gamer or home and… [Continue reading]

Top 8 Trading Computer Keyboard Picks for 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most important things to consider when purchasing a new trading computer. Trading computer technology has witnessed remarkable advancements over the last two decades. We encourage you to… [Continue reading]

10 tips to use when shopping for a new trading computer.

This guide is for DIY computer enthusiasts that have a desktop computer with a processor (CPU) that needs to be replaced. In this guide, we’ll give a specific example of replacing a desktop processor on… [Continue reading]

Replacing a CPU in a desktop computer

Windows 11 and Windows 10 are packed with features that make using multiple monitors better than ever! Most of the tools have a fairly low learning curve, so we strongly encourage traders to become familiar… [Continue reading]

Windows 11 Productivity Tools

If you’ve ever explored PC building, you’re undoubtedly familiar with thermal paste, also known as thermal interface material (TIM). Thermal paste is crucial for the optimal functioning of your CPU. It is essential to understand… [Continue reading]

Applying thermal paste to a CPU

The Nexus+ 2 fan hub operates via a PWM fan connector to the motherboard, which enables it to efficiently control the speed from a fan header to all connected fans. By synchronizing the fan speeds… [Continue reading]

Nexus+ 2 Fan Hub

Monitoring all the hardware components in Windows 11 is vital for identifying resource-intensive processes and effectively managing system resources. It’s important to be able to effectively monitor your CPU, RAM, hard drive, video card, ethernet… [Continue reading]

Windows Task Manager

Snap layouts are a recently introduced feature in Windows 11 that assists users with a convenient tool for window snapping. These layouts can be accessed conveniently by hovering the mouse cursor over a window’s maximize… [Continue reading]

Snap Layouts