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Trader 9000 Elite

Advanced Desktop Trading Computer

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Free Shipping, Extraordinary Performance!

  • The highest quality & most stable ASUS brand motherboards
  • Engineered to be ultra quiet
  • Samsung & Kingston brand solid state hard drives
  • Quiet, cool & stable SeaSonic power supplies
  • Professional wiring for a clean looking system with great airflow
  • Built & supported in the United States!
  • 100 point quality control testing procedure

***Intel Core i7 6850K 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) Six Core - FASTEST SIX CORE DESKTOP PROCESSOR THAT WE SELL! Tons of upgrade options. Microsoft Windows 10 now available! Windows 7 also still available!

The Intel 6850K is the fastest and best value six core processor plus its much faster than the previous generation processors when combined with new DDR4 ram. To say this system will SCREAM is an understatement, this is the most powerful platform we have ever offered! If you are looking for the most powerful computer on the market - this is it!!!

The Trader 9000 Elite comes configured with a Solid State Hard Drive for the ultimate in performance. Uncompromising performance for fast multi monitor trading with Haswell-E. This beast includes an Intel Core i7 6850K Haswell-E 3.6GHz Six-Core Processor (3.8GHz Turbo Boost), 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a 240GB SATA III SSD (blazing fast). Includes 6 monitor support but can be configured for 8 or 12. SATA III & USB 3.0 ready! If you require a system that can smash through CPU intensive applications typically required in the financial world, then LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Plug-n-Trade Ready - your system will be 100% ready to use right out of the box! This system comes equipped with the ASUS X99 Motherboard - for durable operation even under the most demanding conditions.

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Configure Your Custom Trading Computer

Modify all system components below. Monitors, multiple monitor stands, additional networking, additional software and accessories can be selected on the configuration form below.

Motherboard: ASUS X99-A (Intel X99 ATX DDR4)

Processor: Intel Core i7 6850K 3.6GHz SIX CORE (3.8GHz Turbo Boost + Hyper-Threading)

CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO Single Fan (COOL & ULTRA QUIET!)

Cooler Master makes great aftermarket CPU coolers that are very quiet. The Hyper 212 EVO has direct contact heat pipes and a larger 120mm fan with PWM function to automatically adjust fan speed according to the CPU temperature for efficient cooling and minimized fan noise. This is the best selling CPU cooler on the market today, it keeps temps low and is very quiet! We also have an option listed below with an upgrade to dual 120mm fans - 2 fans on the heatsink for even more improved cooling.

System Memory: 16GB DDR4 RAM 2133MHz Crucial (two 8gb sticks)

Power Supply: 620 Watt SeaSonic Bronze - 80+ Certified w/ Active PFC - ULTRA QUIET! (Modular)

Our 620 Watt SeaSonic power supply is more than enough to handle our high end trading computers, there is really no reason to upgrade to our 850 or 1050 Watt units but we have them available for our customers that want even more wattage. All of our power supplies are modular which means they have removable power connectors instead of permanently fitted ones, this allows us to only use the connectors needed resulting in less cable clutter. This is the best lineup of power supplies we've ever offered! We are the only trading computer company that exclusively uses SeaSonic power supplies, SeaSonic manufactures the highest quality power supplies in the entire industry.

Video Card: 6 Monitor Support - 6x Digital Ports - 4x DVI, 2x HDMI (NVIDIA 710 GT two cards)

We have several different video card models to choose from. The NVIDIA 710 and 740 cards are perfect for multi monitor business trading systems - they are powerful, quiet and low cost making them the perfect cards for traders. We also have NVIDIA 1050 and 1060 cards. These cards cost more, but are also really powerful gaming cards in addition to providing multiple monitor capabilities.


Case: Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 - No LED Lights

The best overall case we sell is our Fractal Design Arc Midi R2. This case has the best cooling, is exceptionally quiet, and has plenty of room to add additional components in the future if you ever need to upgrade your system.

Hard Drive #1 (Primary): 240GB Solid State Drive - Kingston V300 SSD SATA III

Intel Solid State Hard Drive
There are 2 types of hard drives - mechanical and solid state (SSD). We recommend an SSD drive for the boot drive and a higher capacity mechanical drive if you need additional storage. An SSD improves your computer's performance - they are faster, more stable and more reliable than a traditional HDD. We have used SSD's from every major manufacturer over the past 5 years and can say decisively that Intel, Kingston & Samsung offer the best products. These SSD's have the absolute LOWEST failure rates in the industry, they are built to last! At the bottom are the PCI-Express SSD drives, they don't use SATA ports so they end up having a slight performance advantage over standard SATA III solid state drives.

Solid State Hard Drives - SATA III
Solid State Hard Drives - PCI Express

Hard Drive #2: NONE

Solid State Hard Drives - SATA III

Hard Drive #3: NONE

Solid State Hard Drives - SATA III

Sound Card: Realtek 8-Channel High Definition Audio

Optical Drive #1: LG 24x DVD/CD Burner SATA (Jamless Play + M-DISC Support)

*Note - Microsoft Windows does not come with software to play Blu-Ray movies. If you select a Blu-Ray drive below then you need to select Cyberlink PowerDVD software in the 'Software (multimedia)' section.

Optical Drive #2: NONE

Digital Card Reader: NONE

Network: LAN Port - Fast 10/100/1000Mbps

Additional Networking: NONE

Case Fans: Ultra Quiet Case Fans - Standard Fan Package

Accessories: Multiple Items Available To Select

UPS Power Backup
Hard Drive Hot Swap Bays
HDMI to DVI Cables
DVI Cables
Additional Accessories

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-Bit

We strongly recommend Windows 10. We only sell the newest hardware on the market, and Windows 10 is best suited to take advantage of this hardware. Windows 10 will offer the best performance possible.

Keyboard: NONE

Mouse: NONE

LCD Monitor: Multiple Items Available To Select

led monitor
LED Backlight Technology
Featuring LED backlight technology, our Asus monitors provide increased brightness, enhanced color saturation with less power consumption which minimizes eye fatigue.
Full HD 1080P Format Support with HDMI
Displays full HD 1080p content in its native format without any loss of image quality. HDMI enables lossless transmission of high-definition digital video and audio through a single, convenient cable connection.
Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
The exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology optimizes video performance and image fidelity by enhancing color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness. 6 preset video modes (Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, sRGB and Standard) can be selected via a hotkey.

Multiple Monitor Desk Stands
ASUS 21.5" LED LCD Monitor Packages
ASUS 23" LED LCD Monitor Packages
ASUS 27" LED LCD Monitor Packages

Speakers: NONE

Software (security): Microsoft Security Essentials - FREE

Software (multimedia): Multiple Items Available To Select

Product Warranty: Deluxe Warranty Coverage ~ Lifetime Labor ~ Lifetime Tech Support

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